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Soft Tissue, Orthopedic & Dental Pet Surgery

At Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services in Medowie, we have the facilities to provide various surgical procedures. From cancer surgery and dental treatments to desexing and orthopaedics, we offer it all. Rest assured, our compassionate vets will put the welfare of your pets first—striving at all times to minimise discomfort. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about surgery upfront.

Contact Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services today to enquire about our Port Stephens pet surgery. You can reach us on (02) 4982 9899. We also provide general pet healthcare, animal rehabilitation, wellness checks and other veterinary services.

General Surgery Information

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It is important to ensure that your pet has adequately fasted before any sedation or anaesthetic. The night before your pet’s surgical procedure, your pet cannot have any food after 8pm and cannot have any breakfast in the morning. You can leave water down for your pets overnight, but it must be removed in the morning.

The morning of your pet’s surgical procedure, your pet will have an admittance appointment with one of our surgical nurses.

After your pet has been fully admitted into the hospital, their surgical nurse will perform a full pre-anaesthetic examination. As part of this examination, the surgical nurse will place an intravenous catheter and collect pre-anaesthetic bloods from your pet.

We perform a blood test prior to all of our anaesthetics. These tests will provide information regarding your pet’s organ function at the time of surgery. This will help us to determine if there is any additional risks for your pet with the anaesthetic and allow our veterinarians to select the most appropriate anaesthetic for your pet. Our surgical team will let you know the results for these blood tests before we proceed with your pet’s surgery and determine if there is any additional risks for your pet.

All of our patients that are undergoing an anaesthetic receive intravenous fluids throughout this procedure. This is essential to help maintain your pet’s blood pressure throughout the procedure and assist in flushing the anaesthetic drugs out of your pet’s system after the procedure.

Pain in our pets can be debilitating and will slow the healing process. Due to this, adequate pain management after our surgical procedures is essential. All of our surgical patients will receive pain relief after their surgical procedures. These pain management protocols will be determined by our surgical team depending on the procedure performed and the specific requirement for your pet.

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Post-Surgery Information

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Once your pet has finished their surgical procedure and is in recovery, one of our surgical nurses will contact you. Most of our procedures only require a day stay and a pickup time will be arranged in the afternoon. For our more major surgical procedures, our patients need to stay at our hospital overnight to ensure that they can receive complete pain management before they are sent home.

Surgical procedures require a general anaesthetic which requires 24-48 hours to be fully metabolised in the body. Due to this, your pet may appear quieter and more subdued than normal—especially the first night after surgery.

Surgical wounds in our pets need to be kept clean and dry over the next 10 to 14 days. During this healing process, you cannot bath your pet or allow them to go swimming. It is important to also check the wound at home for any swelling, discharge, heat or pain. If you have any concerns, please contact the clinic for advice.

To prevent your pet from being able to lick or chew at the surgical site, they will be fitted with an Elizabethan collar after surgery. This collar should stay in place, especially when they are not supervised. Most pets will learn how to eat, sleep and play with the collar in place after a couple of days. An Elizabethan collar will reduce the risk of your pet introducing infection into the surgical site or causing self-injury that requires further intervention.

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