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We Provide Pet Health Checks in Medowie​

Because we care

Helping to Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy

Our pets age at a faster rate than humans and are living longer than ever. As our pets get older, they have an increased risk of developing a variety of health conditions–including cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and heart diseases. At Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services in Medowie, we recommend arranging annual health checks. This will help your veterinarian to diagnose, treat and potentially prevent the onset of some of these health risks.

During these health checks, your veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination on your pet. This examination will include an assessment of your pet’s teeth, joints, skin, heart and lungs.

 We can also ensure that your pet remains up-to-date with their ongoing requirements for preventative health–including vaccinationsflea treatments, etc.–and discuss any concerns that you may have noticed over the last 12 months. Early detection in changes to your pet can allow for earlier intervention and management.

To book a pet health check with our vets in Medowie, drop us a line on (02) 4982 9899. We’ll endeavour to choose the best appointment time for your needs.

Additional Tests

Vaccination Of Dog — Veterinary Services In Medowie, NSW

Additional diagnostic tests–such as blood and urine testing–are an important component of your pet’s health assessments, especially as they age. These tests allow for a snapshot assessment of their internal organ function and will aid in the detection of underlying disease processes. Early detection of disease allows for earlier intervention and treatment.


Our Port Stephens vets are able to conduct these tests, putting the comfort and wellbeing of your furry friend first. Get in touch today to find out more about our services.