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Veterinary rehabilitation (or pet rehab) is an emerging field of veterinary medicine, which is used to improve your pet’s physical recovery, fitness and mobility. It can also be used to aid in weight loss and athletic conditioning. Much of the focus is on soft tissue and working with the tissue around bones and joints to gain better movement. At Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services in Medowie, we offer comprehensive rehabilitation services.

We will spare no effort to help restore your pet to their usual bubbly, active self. Our staff can provide behavioural training advice, general healthcare services, as well as exercise recommendations.

The veterinary rehabilitation we provide can extend to creatures great and small—from dogs and cats to larger animals like horses.

Contact our vets in Medowie today to book a rehabilitative service. You can reach us on (02) 4982 9899. We also offer pet surgery, general healthcare services and more.

Helping to Restore Pet Mobility

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Function is the primary goal of treatment and therapies are catered towards optimising movement and obtaining the best quality of life for your pet. As such, part of the in-depth evaluation we provide is a discussion about your primary concerns–what the lifestyle of your pet was like before injury and what kinds of things you would like to achieve for your pet.

We utilise the services of Move Unleashed –the experts in all animal rehabilitation services.